Yahoo-Bing collaboration?

Bing is slowly laying the cards on table-Yes readers its not far from taking over the search volume from Google, New numbers are out which shows huge increase in number of users who has started loving the the search engine cause of the extra features they have on image and other searches like maps.

Top of that, The new Microsoft and Yahoo deal will have a positive effect on Bing’s trajectory. Although theyare still very much in the early stages of collaboration or probably just talking, the deal will provide more consumers and advertisers with an innovative and engaging search alternative, which is a great thing for the Australian market.

The deal will likely take a number of months to be approved by US regulators, with the partnership expected to be in full swing by 2010.

May be they have an impact to be laid on local 9Msn and yahoo7 market as well… Don’t worry we will keep on updating you and your websites