Will Google TV Bring Difference to SEO

Search engine marketing is nearing a crossroads as the industry matures and marketers find it harder and harder to squeeze out Return on investment for those who are investing in SEO.

Recently published article in one of the online magazine speaks from one of the frustrated client of SEO Company “You can’t just dump money into search and see great returns anymore”

But the simplest way to understand Google is that “Our old School learnt SEO doesn’t work anymore”. More and more, Google adds, search is being used as a branding tool – henceforth user is exposed to a marketing channel elsewhere because of their normal tendency of inventing and finding new things or best of the rest.

So lets say Google TV (which is gonna come to every living room very soon)

These trends will amplify after Google rolls out its TV initiative, same as like recently they did with Youtube and other channels they have for SEO companies to promote