Why WordPress is the Best Choice?

Using a WordPress blog platform for your business or personal site is the best option for blogging site. WordPress is appropriate choice for writing blogs as-

1. It is Open Source –

WordPress does not cost anything to use WordPress blog. It is open source so it is freely available. All you need to install is WordPress in the space provided by your host and then just start blogging.

2. WordPress provides you control on your blog –

When you want to own and a complete control on your blog, then you will have to pay some money to host your site to a web hosting company. You will have your own domain name that you wanted. These costs are not too much; there are some hosting sites that host your site at very affordable price.

3. WordPress Offers Variety of Themes –

You can do whatever you want from WordPress. It is not only used for blogging, but also for creating sites like e-commerce sites, business sites, forums etc. To create a site or blog, you just need to configure the installation of WordPress. Configuring WordPress is very easy; few mouse clicks will make WordPress to behave like a blog or a site. Plug-ins provides more functionality to a WordPress site or a blog. There is some plug-ins through which you can add all functionalities you need in your site or blog.

Blogs are very effective in marketing and promoting a website, so using WordPress offers you all functionality that you want in your site.