Why Social Media Marketing is So Popular?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the most popular marketing technique. It includes methods like person to person marketing, video marketing, taking part in discussion boards and online forums etc.

Social Media Marketing became popular because of following factors –

  1. Through social media sites a business can communicate directly with its clients and other businessmen. Social media sites like facebook, linkedin, twitter provides a mode of direct communication to a business.
  2. Persons who are interested in a particular business can get updates directly from social media sites. They can analyze a business by regularly viewing the business’s profile for checking any updates.
  3. Social Media sites help a business to reach to global audience.
  4. You just need some social media knowledge for creating social media profile. It does not require any programming knowledge to implement marketing plan. It does not require hard effort and much time to run a marketing campaign.
  5. It does not charge anything.
  6. It is easy to measure the effectiveness of social media marketing campaign through software tools.

Some companies feel that internet is not safe for its business and some businesses do not have complete knowledge about Social Media Marketing. Therefore they fear about facing failure in marketing campaign. Some businesses face failure because they may have not implemented it properly.

Implementing Social Media Marketing strategy and making it secure and safe is not so hard if SMM is done properly.