Why SEO is So Popular?

Now-a-days, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the topic in internet world that is being discussed too much. SEO has been given an emphasis by all businessmen who want to achieve success in offline as well as online market.

SEO is an art that is used to bring a website in top results of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Following are some reasons that are responsible for making SEO popular –

  1. Income – Search Engine Optimization is a business that makes a lot of money in today’s world. Blogs, websites earn money through SEO, while appearing in top results in a search engine. The sales of the products and services is boosted which is beneficial for the websites.
  2. Drives Traffic – SEO techniques drive traffic to the site that is beneficial for the sales of products and services of the websites, and for making an online business visible among all the online people.
  3. Controversy of SEO – Search Engine Optimization is always in lime light and also in controversy, as some people say that SEO is very beneficial for sites, as this technique drives traffic to your site and boosts the sales of your products and services. While some say that many sites appear in top results without any SEO effort. Many debates have been organized in the world on SEO. Whether you like SEO technique or hate SEO technique, it is a proven fact that SEO is beneficial for sites. SEO may become harmful only in some cases where it has not been done properly and by using unfair techniques.