Why Melbourne small business needs SEO?

Before we get into understanding why SEO is important for any business its important to understand “The world is flat on Search Engines”. Search Engines do not operate or rank websites based on your turnover, profits or number of people you employ. The rule of ranking is simple, search engine friendliness which is based on user friendliness that helps you rank.

Lets consider the biggest challenge for a small business today “marketing cost” and “brand building” (for long term growth). If you are backed up with huge marketing investment you can try everything like TV ad, Paper Advertisement, Yellow Pages etc. But if you are a small business with limited marketing budgets then your best fit would be SEO that can help you in achieving your ROI and long term goal of brand building. Today if you search for any product or service in Melbourne you can find Yellow Page directories occupying the top positions. How many of us click on them against an original business website? Does your business name alone appear on Online Yellow Pages?

Today the competition on Adwords is pretty low in Melbourne and it is not going to be the same forever. Though Adwords can lead you to some quick sales or leads, you cant bid against mammoths who can afford to reduce their margins since they operate on volume sales. Are you concerned about the wait time in SEO to get ranked? Look at it as an opportunity, if you start it earlier than your competitor, it would take sometime for them to reach there and by that time you would have made your money.

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