What to Choose – Outsourcing SEO or In-House SEO?

Online marketing is in trend now-a-days. It is not just enough to develop a site and sitting idle for waiting for search engines to crawl your website. In the world where many websites are competing for the sales of products and services, it is very important for every business to come in lime light.

Here the concept of Search Engine Optimization appears. Almost all companies are hiring SEO companies to optimize their sites. So, what is better Outsourced SEO or in-house SEO?

Both SEO options have benefits and drawbacks –

1. Outsourced SEO –

The main advantage of outsourced SEO is that your site gets proper attention of SEO experts. SEO expert’s team will work on your site to make it visible in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN. SEO experts remain updated with current trends of Search Engine Optimization tools and techniques.

SEO experts have much experience to handle your projects as they would have worked for many clients.

Your time, efforts are saved while you outsource your project to an SEO Company.

The drawback of outsourced SEO is that sometimes you may have to pay more than ideally you should invest for SEO of your website.

Agency may use black hat techniques for achieving the desired goal which may ban your site.

2. In-House SEO –

Benefit – In house SEO is beneficial for site as the in-house SEO expert knows the need and goals of your company.

With in-house SEO, you can completely control over the techniques and strategies that are used by an in-house expert. You may ensure that no black hat SEO is being used by in-house SEO expert.

Drawback – Your in-house SEO expert may be unaware of the current trends in the market and thus your site may not utilize the current technologies.