What is SMO?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an important part of online marketing. Social media sites like Facebook, twitter or linkedin are getting very famous and popular now-a-days. Through these sites, more people and customers will get attracted and the popularity of your site will increase.

SMO means optimization of a website through social media. In social media searching, the website should be easily traceable

Social Media Optimization basically is very effective in promoting a website by means of online forums, communities and social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. SMO is the best way to communicate with people and making them aware with the services and products the company offer. By SMO, a cordial relation can be maintained between company and customers.

RSS feeds, blogging, adding comments etc. are the best SMO practices considered. Using videos and photos is the best way to attract customers or visitors to your site. An SEO expert integrates all these parts or marketing plans in a single plan to promote your business.

Marketing strategy will involve increasing links, inbound links, easy bookmarking, creation of tags, creating quality and fresh content.

Just like SEO, content is the king for Social Media Optimization (SMO).Dynamic content should be there in your website to get crawled by search engines.

Social bookmarking is another aspect of SMO which is also very important for optimizing a site. Del.icio.us, frank, technorati, furl, blinklist etc. are some famous bookmarking websites. Blogs make a website to be crawled very fast in compare to other sites without blogs. WordPress is the best option for optimizing a blog.