What is Content Marketing & How Can It Benefit You?

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of videos, blogs and social media posts in order to build rapport and trust with an audience, but without the overt promotion of a brand. You might think of content marketing as a bit of a soft sell, and you may wonder why you should do it at all, especially when it can be time consuming and isn’t guaranteed to bring in leads like some other marketing methods. This blog post outlines some ways that content marketing can benefit you, no matter what your business model.

You’ll Gain Trust with Your Audience

People purchase from people and organisations that they know, like and trust. You can get yourself into this buying trilogy by building a relationship with your audience with great content. It’s a case of creating value without expecting something directly in return that really amps up the trust factor. Of course, you actually know that it’s highly likely you’ll get something in return due to the important rule of reciprocity, which you will have just leveraged by making killer content and sharing it consistently with your audience. The rule of reciprocity states that after someone has given you something for free, you’re more likely to give something to them, such as money for their products or services.

You’ll Generate More Qualified Leads

While content marketing is not known to be a lead generating machine, it can create leads, quite literally out of thin air. It’s that ‘know, like and trust’ rule again. Seeing your content puts you on someone’s radar, and any CTA in your content could find someone at exactly the right time when they want to buy. But if you don’t put yourself out there, then you miss the chance of finding these people who are looking for exactly what you sell. It’s just like dating – your business won’t find its perfect match (ideal clients) if it’s metaphorically moping about in its pyjamas at 8pm at night in front of the TV, right? If you want to get seen, get creating content and sharing it on the web.

You’ll Make Friends with Google

When you embark upon a content marketing strategy, you’re really initiating a best buddy type friendship with Google. This is because Google loves fresh, original new content, and it also loves seeing this content shared all over social media. It helps your social proof – that is, evidence that people on the internet like your content and what you do as a business more generally. Your SEO will get a boost when you engage in content marketing, which is Google’s way of saying thanks for being awesome and creating high-quality content for people to consume.

Not Sure How to Get Started with Content Marketing?

If you’ve read all of the above and you think it sounds pretty good, but you don’t know where to start, don’t panic. We’ve got you. Here at Search Engine Experts, we know all about content marketing and can assist you in creating a strategy that brings you massive ROI. Call us today on 1300 233 444.