What is Common in All High Ranking Websites?

Almost all websites that rank high in the search engines have some common things between them –

Anchor text is important –

By examining the anchor text of other websites which link to your website, search engines decide the ranking of your website. You need to ensure that keywords that have high priority should be placed in the link.

Make your tags well constructed –

Meta tags and title tags are very influential in website rankings. Meta tags help search engines in identifying what they need to consider while crawling the web pages. So, you need to place your featured keywords in the Meta tags.

Popularity of your website –

Many search engines do not only consider the quantity of backlinks, but also quality and diversity of them. Diversity means different type of websites like commercial, educational, corporate are linked with your site.

Popularity of Links –

There are many factors considered by search engines to rank a website and link popularity is a factor among them.

Link Popularity means how many links point to and from other websites. This is the factor that almost all search engines use to rank a website. All inbound, outbound links are concerned in link popularity. More popular the web pages are, higher they are ranked in a (SERP) Search Engine Result Page.

In addition, website domain is also important factor taken by a search engine in ranking of a website. There is no doubt that employing featured keyword in your URL will improve your website’s rank in SERP.