What Do You Mean By WordPress?

WordPress is being used by many businesses all over the world. Businesses, Organizations and entrepreneurs have become very creative by the use of WordPress. WordPress is generally a blogging site but now the businesses use WordPress as e-commerce site, multimedia sites, portfolios, membership sites, squeeze pages etc.

WordPress is the best option for them, who want to develop a website that does not cost too much to them like small business or businesses that have just started. Like Joomla and Drupal, there are many CMS (Content Management Systems) that manage content, edit content and publish them.

All these Content Management Systems are similar to each other, so it is very difficult to say which one is simple, easy and the best to use?

Why to use WordPress?

Following are the reasons to use WordPress –

  1. WordPress is simple to learn
  2. It is easy to use
  3. It can manage all kind of websites, small to large sized
  4. Building a page or blog post is very easy in WordPress

Self-hosted and hosted pages are the 2 types of WordPress pages, a business can choose from.

An overview of self hosted and hosted WordPress sites is as follows –

Self-hosted sites are hosted by business itself, this type is chosen by most of the businesses, as they offer you complete control over the website. All content, plug-ins and advertisement can be viewed by a business owner. All themes and images can be managed by a business of its own choice.

But, you need to protect the site from spamming with your own efforts.

On other hand, hosted sites are like your personal site helper where all the functions including hosting are managed automatically.

But, there is a risk of content loss.