What do you mean by keywords?

A Search engine can be also called as an online directory of the websites. There are some words which describe these websites; these words are called as keywords.

These words are typed by users in search engines seeking some information; these words are called as keywords. So, most popular relevant keywords should be considered by the owner of the website in order to drive more and more traffic to his/her website.

But selecting or choosing a keyword, one should be always careful as good keywords will make your website popular and famous while bad keywords may cause your site to be banned.

Search engines use keyword density as a factor to determine how a web page is relevant to a keyword research. Keyword density means how many times a keyword appears in total words of a web page’s content, but it is also need to be considered that keywords should not be overused otherwise it will be perceived as spamming.

Keyword overloading should not be preferred as, overloading a web page with repetitive keywords is not a good practice to do, as your website may be banned by some search engines when they find any stuffing of keywords.

Popular keywords mean more competition. More emphasis should be given on choosing the unique and less competitive keywords; this will also be helpful in improving the ranking of a website in a search engine.

Therefore keywords should be chosen wisely and they should be placed appropriately in the whole web page to avoid to be considered as spam.