What Do You Mean by A Blog?

Blog is a short form of web log. Adding an article to a blog is called blogging. Blog is a section where articles are published by the site owner. Blogs may also be considered as online diaries. Blogs are also considered as special websites which are used to publish articles and they are considered as business promoting tool in SEO.

Blogs have special characteristics which are as follows –

1. Right to Share your thoughts –

Through your blogs, you can share your own thoughts about a particular topic. There is no need of expert knowledge about any topic and website designing and development.

2. Organized in a well manner –

Archives and categories are a part of blogs, providing user the facility to easily manage and handle the posts published by him. This provides a well organized structure to website.

3. Information Distribution –

By using blogs, information and news can be widely distributed all over the internet. Through blogs, news can be distributed among regular readers, visitors or viewers thus, promoting your website in search engines.

4. Multiple Writers –

More than one writer can publish or write articles in a blog.

Blogs are of two types –

A. Personal Blogs

B. Business Blogs

A. Personal Blogs – Personal blogs are written for personal purpose, it is just like a personal diary, where they write their opinion.

B. Business Blogs – It is a corporate or business tool through which customers can communicate with the business about their products and services. A business can provide customer satisfaction to its customers.