What do SEO and Real Madrid have in common?

Sales, Sales, Sales

With the recent arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka on world record transfers, search engine searches for Real Madrid have skyrocketed.

Searching within the last 30 days the increase in trends on keywords related to Real Madrid and Ronaldo.

Ronaldo Jersey has a search volume of 33,100 and Cristiano Ronaldo of 1,100,000

Search terms related to Ronaldo jersey Worldwide, Last 30 days

Top searches

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Rising searches

1. ronaldo madrid +90%
2. real madrid ronaldo +60%
3. ronaldo madrid jersey +50%
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Regional interest for Ronaldo jersey

1. United States- 95/100 on Search Volume index

2. Canada- 80/100 on Search volume index

3. United Kingdom- 60/100 on Search volume index

Capitalizing on the increase in searches for Real Madrid products, it its vital that companies jump on the bandwagon early to capitalize on this increase in interest for merchandise.
Doing so will have a very high return on investment.

Even a PPC campaign is only $0.46 per click

So lets see if the online stores capitalize on this potential and do SEO on these keywords and make some extra profit they didnt think possible

John Vlasakakis
SEO Consultant