What are the objectives of SEO?

SEO gives surprisingly effective results in a short time if done efficiently, SEO is used for generating traffic to the site but there are also other applications of SEO like branding, marketing and ideological influence of the website.

Following are the value generating objectives of SEO –

1. Generating Traffic –

Content that is keyword targeted produces direct traffic to your website. Content provides great results in less time. SEO generates direct traffic to your website when your site is optimized for relevant keywords typed by user.

Keywords should be unique, not common, because competition is very high for common and popular keywords rather than unique and different keywords.

2. Branding –

Branding is less popular application of SEO. Branding means brand recognition or brand awareness among people. A website’s pages which are consistently at the top of search engine ranking get traffic, popularity and profit.

3. Marketing –

SEO is also used for marketing the products and services of any e-commerce website. SEO builds customers and generates revenue for the e- commerce website.

4. Ideological Impact –

Who want public opinion about their websites on a particular topic, SEO is very powerful tool to promote your ideas and content of your website.

5. E- Commerce Purpose –

SEO drives relevant traffic to e-commerce websites, which boosts the sale of the products and services offered by the websites.

SEO should be done after identifying the goals or objectives of company. All goals should be given importance in optimization so that the site may get proper attention of users or customers in all services offered by the company.