What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are important for a website, as these tags tell search engines what the website is all about. These tags do not change the look of a website, but they are created for search engines use. They give information to search engines about the website. Meta tags should be included in each page of a website so that it becomes easier for search engine crawlers to index your web pages.

Some search engines give importance to Meta tags for indexing a website but Google does not use them to index the pages of a website. You should make efforts for all the search engines including Google so that you have chances to earn benefit from all directions.

To create Meta tags for your site, you need to know about your web page’s subject. First of all you need to provide a title which describes website the best. Title appears in the top of the bar of a search engine, it should not exceed more than 64 characters.

Then along with title you also need to specify the keywords that will drive the traffic to your site, keywords should be relevant to your business. Keywords are the words or phrases that are typed by users in the text box of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN etc.

After selecting keywords, you need to choose a perfect description that describes the best about the web page. Description is the text that is displayed below the hypertext of a result that appears in search engines when people type their queries in search engines. It should not exceed more than 160 characters.