What a Social Media Marketing Strategy should have?

If you are familiar with the online marketing strategy then you would be familiar with Social Media Marketing (SMM). It involves the process of promoting a business by attracting large number of people through social media sites like facebook, twitter etc.

For including Social Media Marketing (SMM) in your marketing plan, you need to build a proper marketing strategy to achieve the goals and understanding the sources which are needed to properly execute a marketing plan.

A proper social media marketing strategy must have following things –

1. Get to know about your target audience – First you need to know about the audience that is most likely to purchase your products and services. You need to know which social media sites they prefer to use. You can know all these facts by conducting online surveys.

2. Define your goals – You should define your goals or objectives and then accordingly you need to plan how to achieve them. There should be different planning for introducing a new product and a different planning for attracting large customer base.

3. Success Measuring tools – You should determine the tools for measuring the success of your online marketing campaign so that you can monitor your campaign regularly and modifying the strategy if needed.

4. Use Social Media Content – You can add content, audio clips, videos after surveying about what your target audience would like to see.

5. Decide Your Resources – you need to think about the social media sites you will use in your marketing campaign. Some sites may work the best for you; you just need to search that which site will work for you.