Versions of WordPress

WordPress is the best site for blogging and also for other sites such as e-commerce sites, online forums etc. To create blogs, there are also other options available like Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, bloggers, Typepad etc. WordPress is simple; easy to learn and use that is why it has become more popular among the business owners and bloggers.

Most of us don’t know that there are 2 versions of WordPress – wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

So you wonder which one is the best to use:

WordPress.com provides a hosted version of a WordPress site. It is open source and free to use. Everyone can operate it with an ease. It does not require any HTML knowledge to design the site as there are many templates available online to design the site according to your website. For a beginner, wordpress.com is an ideal option to choose.

Although there are some disadvantages also like you can not earn money through your blog, WordPress does not allow it. Google AdSense, banner advertising etc. are not allowed which are a great source of income. WordPress earns money for its own by placing its own ads on your blogs.

You don’t have complete control on your blog. Any time if hosting platform can close your site, if it does not like your content.

That is why wordpress.org is the best for a blog. You need to pay for hosting but you get complete control over your website. It is very easy to make a beautiful and wonderful blog by installing choosing a suitable theme among free WordPress themes available online.

So it all depends on you whether to use wordpress.org or wordpress.com based on your needs.