Understand Google Analytics to Grow your Business

Avinash Kaushik, Google’s own Analytics Evangelist Says: Understanding Google analytics is not hard and gives 3 top most tips every business needs to understand to survive and grow them themselves as an online business.

Tip #1: Discovering content and traffic sources to keep visitors coming to your site again and again.

How many times does a visitor have to visit your site to be considered valuable? Use the Visitor Loyalty report in the Visitors section of Google Analytics to pinpoint the visitors who come to your site that many times or more. Put that data into an Advanced Segment and apply that segment to your core reports to understand things like where these valuable visitors come from and what content they consume. You can then use this information to optimize how you acquire new visitors and the content on your site as loyal visitors.

Tip #2: Figure out which pages to improve on your site and what are visitors looking for.

Many people ask the question: “How do I know which pages on my site to improve?” Take a look at the Top Landing Pages report in the Content section of Google Analytics. This report tells you the first page people see when they enter your site. Sort this report by bounce rate. Bounce rate measures how many people come to your site, only see one page and leave right away (or as Avinash calls it: “I came, I puked, I left”). Once you identify which of your top landing pages are not able to get a single click from your visitors you know which pages need to be improved.

Tip #3: Find out where AdSense performs best on your site.

If you’ve linked your AdSense and Analytics accounts, the Top AdSense Content report in the AdSense section of Google Analytics will tell you where on your website AdSense ads get the most clicks. This is a win-win for your business and your customers, as it helps you identify what type of content to produce more of based on what content people are most interested in as well as where people most often click on your AdSense ads.