Types of WordPress Websites

WordPress is free, open source software, easy to customize and professional blog publishing software. Blogging is very famous in the online world now-a-days. WordPress is also used to create websites. It allows your blog to stand apart in crowd of blogs. When you choose the blogs or websites to be created by WordPress then you need to consider both the pros and cons that come with each wordpress hosting.

There are 2 kind of WordPress hosting –

  1. Self-hosted
  2. Hosted

1. Self-hosted WordPress sites need to be installed manually whereas hosted sites are hosted by WordPress developer professionals. In this, you will use your own domain name that makes your website more professional.

All task such as upgrading the WordPress, get the hosting on your own.

Benefits –

You can easily make the changes you want to make in your site. You can make it more professional by installing free or premium themes. You have complete control over the look or design or content.

Drawbacks –

Drawback is that it is not very easy to set up WordPress site. WordPress does not update itself automatically. You need to pay money for hosting and renewal of a domain.

2. Hosted WordPress Websites are very easy to use and it can be online in a few times. It is not as flexible as self-hosted websites.

Benefits –

It is free of cost; you don’t need to pay anything for hosting. It can update itself automatically. It is very simple and easy to learn and use.

Drawbacks –

You can not earn money through such sites. It has a limited storage space and you can not use your own domain name.