Types of Websites You Can Design Using Joomla

Joomla is a Content Management System that is flexible, easy to customize and develop different websites. You do not need to gain expert knowledge to build Joomla websites.

Following are the types of websites you can design using Joomla –

1. E-Commerce Websites – If you sell or buy products online then you would have definitely an e-commerce website. If you design your website using Joomla, then you will have a fully functional e-commerce websites. There are many features which are available in Joomla for all types of websites.

For an e-commerce site, Joomla offers features through which you can develop following systems –

  1. Invoice system
  2. Product download and delivery
  3. Shopping cart system

You can integrate the membership system and product ordering systems in your website.

2. Business Directory – Joomla offers components, plug-ins and modules to develop a business directory. There are extensions which enable a webmaster to create business directory such as –

  1. Featured listings
  2. Listing fee
  3. Google map for each listing


3. Video Portal – By using Joomla’s advanced features it is easy to build Joomla video portals.

There are some features that users can enjoy like uploading videos, sharing videos with friends, family, classmates and colleagues.

Whatever kind of website you develop or design, you need some creativity to enhance your growth. The extensions are always there which you can use in your website to make it fully functional. If you want to be a master in Joomla then all you need to do is practice. By complete devotion and dedication towards practicing Joomla will make you a master of Joomla.