Types of Google AdWords Tools

Google AdWords software analyzes the competitor campaigns and spies them. Some tools of them are Google AdWords Analyzer, AdWords Accelerator, AdWord generator, Ad spy pro etc. There has come recent advance in these AdWords tools, which include affiliate marketing, SEO, traffic generation etc.

Following are some Google AdWords tools –

  1. Google AdWord Analyzer – Google AdWord analyzer finds keywords relevant to your business’s site and the relevant keywords that were searched during last month. It also shows you the number of ad campaigns that run for those keywords. After analysis, creation of ads is needed from your side for your keywords.
  2. AdWord Generator – This tool helps in generating many ads in a few times, and soon they can be uploaded in your Google AdWords profile.
  3. AdSpy Pro – Adspy pro is very helpful in measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement. This tool helps in analyzing the profitability of ads; even it displays the ad’s copy.
  4. Google AdWord Accelerator – Google AdWords accelerator provides many ideas for keywords that you can choose for your marketing campaign. It allows you to find many novel ways to market your business.
  5. AdWords Editor – Google AdWords editor is a very helpful tool in creating; editing ads on computer and these ads can be easily and quickly uploaded in Google AdWords account.
  6. Adgrenade – Adgrenade is same as AdWords editor; it also allows you to create ads along with mix and match of keywords and helps you in creating unique headings for your ads.