Twitter — Most followed way of Social Media Marketing

Twitter — the new way to talk and exposure to your social group of followers.

MySpace and Facebook are so last year.

Tech-savvy gadget gurus have begun to embrace Twitter, the latest free social-networking Web site that allows people to stay in touch through “tweets,” short messages of 140 characters or less.

Twitter messages can be sent from a computer, or texted from a cell phone, to allow friends and family around the globe to keep up with the mundane or exciting details of a person’s life, as they happen.

The trend is catching on, with network news reporters tweeting from press conferences, breaking news seconds after it’s announced. President Barack Obama tweets from the White House (Lollzzz).

And plenty of regular, everyday people are using the Twitter network, officially founded in May 2007, to keep in touch with friends and family, market their projects or bands, and network to find jobs.

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