Tweeting To Your Advantage

Twitter is home to an eclectic group of people, from celebrities to sportsman to politicians to everyday people. Businesses and companies are still trying to figure out how to use Twitter to help market and build awareness around their products and brand. A lot of these users are finding the biggest challenge above all, to be noticed amongst the sea of tweets.

Standing out in a crowd is always a challenge. Before you begin tweeting and building relations, make sure your twitter profile looks professional both visually and with the worded content. Creating your profile so it mimics the same layout, color theme and imagery as your website, Facebook page and business cards, it will cement your brands visual identity and be easily recognizable to consumers.

Use your tweets to your advantage and to make your profile become more noticed.  Try alternating between tones of tweets, re-tweets or including another user/brand with in a tweet. Twitter is a very subjective forum, it pays to be original and beat to the rhythm of your own drum. If you tend to bombard high profiled twitter users with a re-tweet or a directed post, to be noticed by users, it may not work as well as you had hoped. It’s important to be unique and strategic with the content you post. It has to be appealing to your target audience and also be appreciated by them.

Hot off the press content does get a lot more attention and steals the limelight. If you are sharing content from other users be sure it’s still relevant and not to be considered as “old news”. Tweets and posts do have expiry dates, re-posting these once they are thought to be out dated may be damaging to your online reputation and users may think you are not involved or interactive with your account.

Knowing how to use twitter and each function correctly will greatly benefit your business. If you are a first time user, don’t hesitate to ask for help or search on how to use twitter. It will help you to fully use each function to your advantage as well as manage your time more effectively whilst on the social media.

Combining all of these elements will help you to engage with users to your fullest advantage and help build not only your online presence but also your brands awareness.