Turning Users Into E-Commerce Consumers

Turning users into consumers can be seamless if done correctly. Creating a good first impression on any user will make them stay longer on your page. This first impression is a combination of an attractive and easily navigated page whilst having the products they are shopping for at the right price.

Once you have secured your now potential customer on to your website, you need to create a positive online shopping experience. Not only will it make it easier and effortless for the consumer but it will make them return.

People choose to shop online because of the ease and convenience. This ease and convenience needs to be apparent on your website at all times. Easy navigation through pages and easily readable tabs to other products will make any shoppers experience less time consuming and less stressful. A good E-Commerce website has the same layout on each page with the same search elements. Consistency and simplicity is the key.

Highlighting your products is important; it is the main intention of your site and the reason as to why your consumer is here. Don’t overload a customer with too much information or too much imagery, they will become overwhelmed, distracted and leave.

This online experience needs to be similar to that when you are being served by a sales assistant. Always try to up-sell through recommendations, just like in a store. Showing complimenting items or possible add-ons whilst viewing a certain product will provide more options for the consumer and more opportunities to sell.

Customers want reassurance and security when purchasing over the net. They want to feel safe and secure when dealing over bank details. Ensuring consumers that your site is protected and that all information will be kept secure and confidential, it will make online users feel more comfortable and confident purchasing from your site.

Allow each product or your website as whole to be open to feedback or reviews on items, the experience or issues they may have encountered. Positive comments will boost sales and create good word-of mouth marketing. Connecting these posts through social media will further increase your online marketing and online presence.

Incorporating all of these elements into your overall E-Commerce design, will create the positive experience users want and need, without having to leave the comforts of their own homes.