Tips for SEO Beginners

With the advent of SEO, it is a well known fact that by performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website is too much beneficial for your business. For beginners, it takes time to understand the basic principles of SEO,

so here are some tips about SEO for beginners –

1. Optimization of Page Title –

Title is text that is used by a search engine to consider about the page’s subject means what the page is about. The title of the page tells about the content of a page and it is very important in ranking a site in search engines. The title should describe the content of a web page and it should not contain more than 2 or 3 key phrases.

Title tag is embedded in HTML page. Through this tag, all search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing index your website.

2. Anchor text –

Text links are used by all websites to direct people to their websites. Anchor text is the text that has a link included in itself. This link is of a web page which redirects a user to the site when that link is being clicked.

3. Content –

Content is a very useful factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content plays an important role in ranking a website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN etc.

4. Incoming Links –

Search engines see your site by analyzing about links that are coming from other websites. If a site has more incoming links, then it is considered by search engines to rank it high.