Things You Need to Know While Installing a WordPress Website

For many people, installing software and setting up a website is a daunting and tiresome task. WordPress provides ease to such people so that the entire task seems them hassle free.

You need to consider following things while setting up a site –

1. Installing WordPress –

According to the requirement of the website, there are many places where WordPress can be installed on a server like sub folder, root folder. Root folder is the base folder. Choose an appropriate location or place affects the website.

2. Hosting WordPress Site –

There are many ways to host a WordPress site like free hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers, and virtual private servers. All you need to choose a hosting service that is suitable for WordPress and can manage a large traffic. Shared hosting is not advisable because it shuts down automatically when it faces large amount of traffic. Shared hosting can not handle such large amount of traffic.

3. Security Efforts for WordPress –

WordPress is very trusted software, freely available. WordPress needs some extra security in case if there is any problem in the themes of the site. You need to know about the areas where hackers can intrude and then you should secure these areas by hiring an internet security expert.

4. Setting up the Site –

WordPress is very flexible in use; users can easily customize the WordPress site. Many settings can be improper settings for your requirements, choose right and limited settings. These settings affect the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts to your site.