Things to Know About Keywords

Before some years, documents were the best way for marketing. Now-a-days, as the trend has changed internet marketing has come in appearance. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has also come in existence which involves driving traffic to the site, has changed the marketing strategy.

If you need traffic to your site, then you need to attract search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. To rank high in search engines, quality website should be there along with quality content.

Many experts believe that optimizing a site means editing the content and HTML tags, so you can hire a web designer who designs a site in such a manner that it attracts search engines as well as visitors or viewers.

There are some things that can increase traffic to your site –

  1. Keywords Keywords are the phrases that are typed by a user, in order to obtain some information about anything like businesses, news, products, services etc. Choose keywords that have less competition and they should be included in the content. Keywords should not be overused in the content. If keywords are about 10% used then, it may consider as spamming. So don’t overuse keywords.
  2. Key Phrases – Rather than single keywords, choose long tail keywords that contain 3-4 words as they will have less competition. Key Phrases are strings of words, nothing else. If you type two words like- Car Loan, if you type two words like – “Car Loan”, then it will return more results than previous search terms.

Therefore key phrases are very important in generating traffic to your site.