The Year Of The Tablet?

While many are labeling 2012 as the year of the mobile, others are predicting that 2013 will be the year of the tablet.

Apple has estimated they have sold over 100 million iPads and Amazon and Google have also sold millions of their own tablet. With this increase in number of tablet users, it is becoming more apparent that they will become an important tool for E- tailers and their online marketing campaigns. Compared to Smartphones, tablets see more purchasing and conversion from user to consumer. This popularity and preference is only starting to become visible to online retailers as of now, with many web owners not realizing that the PC sites will not render correctly on the tablets. This incorrect theory is lowering business opportunities to sell and with 52% of tablet owners claiming it’s their favorite device, having a site or an app that will accordingly fit and be usable on a tablet is becoming more evident.

With the range of screen size for each device, RWD is a good instrument to help overcome this challenge and render your site to be compatible on all three devices – PC, Smartphone and iPad. Many retailers are still yet to enter the online market through devices other than PC and are without mobile optimized sites or apps. Considering the digital age we are ever evolving into, it’s highly important to have tablet and mobile apps for your business. This not only secures your brand authority but also makes your visitor have a more enjoyable experience and in return will lead to potential sales and the ability to gain a wider audience.