The Decline Of The PC

As slimmer, sleeker and more advanced mobiles and tablet devices are being designed, PC sales are slowly declining and have been forecasted to fall a further 7.8 per cent this year by research firm IDC.

With most smart phones and tablets allowing users to perform a majority of the actions carried out on PC’s whilst out of a computer setting environment, it is no wonder these devices sales have been estimated to increase 58.7 per cent.

However, IDC did shine some light of improvement for PC sales in 2014.With Windows XP expiry, many companies, schools and organizations relying heavily on PC’s will need to update their programming.

With their ability to perform every day office tasks such as email, social media and storage of proposals and documents in addition to their compact design, tablets are becoming more widely used by businesses, organizations and the population.

Used when meeting with potential clients to help support business developers sales pitch to university students utilizing the light weighted device throughout classes because of the range of apps and functions to help with their note taking and study. The tablet is increasing in popularity over the PC because of these functions and its ability to simply fit in with the pace of peoples busy day to day lives.

As we are continuously offered updated, more advanced versions of smart phones and tablets, as well as our access to new apps to help with a range of daily activities, as expected, tablet sales will surpass PC the number of PC purchases in the years to come.