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Is SEO the only way to Rank on Google?

When Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin little they knew that their research project will become Multi Billion dollar worth company, and that millions of people will make living out of it, SEO – search engine optimization – is huge part of Google due to millions of hit to Google, companies try


Will Google TV Bring Difference to SEO

Search engine marketing is nearing a crossroads as the industry matures and marketers find it harder and harder to squeeze out Return on investment for those who are investing in SEO. Recently published article in one of the online magazine speaks from one of the frustrated client of SEO Company “You can’t just dump money


SEO Metrics

Search Engine Experts love to measure. They loved measuring PageRank, rankings and traffic and they still need something to follow this urge. Well, there still is a lot to measure beyond strict business or usability metrics. Old school SEO still makes sense in lots of cases, especially with backlinks which still determine above all your