Sorting Social Signals

Social signals is the branded name for “recommendations” that are found through Search Engines. This concept of recommendations run on popularity, its all about good recommendations and a lot of them. Search engines feed off this hype surrounding a “re tweet” or a Google “+1”. For example, if you find the fourth ranking in a search engine result to be more relevant and informative to what you were initially searching, you may mark it with a Facebook “like” or with a Google “+1”. This then signals to Google, Yahoo or Bing that this link is more preferred than those ranked above. Google will acknowledge this flagging and re order the rankings to their content value.

When we need help, advice or information on anything to everything we turn to friends, family or professionals to help assist making the best decision. This recommendation influences our decision and opinions. Social signals are the recommendations, they are re-tweets, likes, +1’s, pin’s. They are all what users agree with, like, find interesting and more. All of these social signals can improve your SEO ranking and create more revenue for your business.

Ways to monitor and manage your social signals are to use an integrated interface to let you oversee your whole performance across all the media networks. Its  a great time saver and allows you to measure your performance. Also watch the numbers rise. Obviously there is no capped quota that needs to be filled for it to be established as good performance. But anything that is significantly increasing would be a good indication.

When comparing your social signals against one another, it also allows for time to look over each post and identify why some did poorly than others. Was it the subject of the article and its relevance or the language or tone of the post? Being able to critique your own work will help you make adjustments for future pieces.

Having a deep understanding of which social media works best for you and what will make your posts viral and be seen by the right audience is of high importance. It all relates back to knowing and understand your target market and their online behavior. Knowing how each of the social media operate and the benefits of each function, it will help you to utilize the most out of each platform.