Social Media Social Types

Just like in reality, online users too have personalities and traits that can be categorized. Some may be hard to engage and converse with, others may be useful and informative. When dealing with users and people in life, you need to approach each differently and many may require extra effort to reciprocate and interact in order to connect with you.

There are a range of personality types when it comes to users and many generally overlap beneath headings. More than likely during your online experiences you will come into contact with one or few, especially on social media platforms. Users tend to express their subjective views more confidently and openly on social mediums as opposed to a physical face-to-face forum.

Having a clear understanding of the range of personalities, will help you to better your connections and your development of relationships and networks. It will allow you to identify them before crossing their path through observing their online behavior, tone and interaction with others.

Below are a few of the types of users you may communicate and connect with whilst using social medias:

The Informer–

They soak up all the content and disperse it all over the net. They like to be on the forefront of new information. They like to spread new content, information, news like wildfire through the internet. It’s a good connection to maintain to be “in” with the fads and current news.

Negative Nancy-

They have a negative opinion on everything and anything. They swallow all the good stuff and then spit it out. They are cynical, narrow minded and above all malevolent. They do not add anything worthy or constructive to forums or discussion, instead they point out faults and negative aspects. Your best bet is to avoid them at all costs.

Overbearing and Overusing –

These people cant get enough of social media. They are on every platform uploading, tweeting, updating, sharing everything and anything. Their content is really of no value and they seem to clog up news feeds. They have a trigger happy approach to social media and at times it can become overwhelming and sometimes irritating but they can also be advantageous if they are credible and have a large pool of followers.

Observer –

They let it all sink in but they rarely give it back to the online community. They hardly contribute to discussion and when they do they tend to sit on the fence. They are neither a threat nor beneficial to your online relationships. They prefer to just observe and listen than get involved.

Quality not Quantity-

This user intrigues you but isn’t invasive. Their opinions, content and information is all of value. The like to interact and don’t mind conversing with the those that have opposite views. They’re easy to make connections and network through both online and offline.

The Non Conformist –

They stick to their guns and are not easily persuaded to see the other side of the coin. They are highly opinionated with entertaining content that can be witty and influential. The like to banter and spark debate on forums, commence heated discussions and do not tip toe around peoples perspectives.  If you are to come up against this type of personality it may be tough if you get into a deep dispute, nonetheless it will be engaging and entertaining.