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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Marketing

It’s no secret that social media networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, My Space and Google + is where all the major online action is.

The online world has evolved to the point where people are no longer passive consumers, they’re actively connecting and exchanging information with each other on all manner of topics, products and services.

Why is Facebook marketing important?

People are choosing Facebook and other social media sites to find out more information about a business, and what other customers think about a particular business, before buying their products or services.

A solid social media presence provides ‘social proof’ to potential customers that your business is credible and trustworthy. When potential customers see that others recommend your products or services, that’s a powerful and persuasive affirmation of your brand.

Social media marketing and in particular Facebook marketing is considered to be the highest and single most effective tactic in generating brand advocates and online influencers to spread the word about products and services.

If you’re serious about growing your business profile then Search Engine Experts can help you build your online presence using the power of social media marketing.

Our team of highly skilled search engine marketing and social media marketing specialists can help you expand your reach beyond SEO, PPC and email with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn marketing services.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Marketing

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Twitter marketing

Build online relationships with Twitter and stay in touch with your customers easily wherever they are. Twitter posts are instantly available to view, offering ‘real time search’ on the latest information about your company.

Facebook marketing

Is one of the best word of mouth online channels for your business. Post interesting updates, news and offers on your Facebook page for all your fans and followers to see and share with their friends, colleagues and family.

LinkedIn marketing

If your business targets other businesses (B2B) then LinkedIn is a great source for online social networking. You can build a large database of targeted connections and potential business prospects, with a properly optimized LinkedIn profile. Join relevant industry groups and participate in discussions, share content and establish yourself as an expert.

If you haven’t already joined, or want to get more out of your social media networks, contact Search Engine Experts on 1300 885 495 to find out how we can help you expand your online reach.

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