Social Media Manager

Deciding on the right person to manage any element of your business can be a tough and grueling decision. When it comes to Social Media management, it is important to hand the duties to someone that will maintain their responsibilities and rely on their extensive knowledge and skills to consistently promote your brand through different platforms.

This role will experience uncontrollable interaction with consumers, business owners and others in the wider online community. This will mean advanced communication skills is a necessity in the chosen candidate. The interaction between your manager and the valued stakeholders is extremely important to your company. The ability to maintain this relationship and also build on this client base can greatly contribute to the future of the business. During these connections, a great manager will be able to confidently handle and addresses any of these issues through their interpersonal and problem solving skills.

Social Media trends are forever evolving and there is an imperative need to be on the forefront of these changes. A Social Media manager should have a creative style and flair to remain original with content for each client’s campaigns. This inventive thought process will also push the boundaries for some companies and send them into a new direction and light.

However, it is important for the manager to still stay true to the client’s brief and the company’s values and products. Through having a clear understanding of the brand and company profile, the manager will be able to successfully create and write effective and engaging content through a tone that will positively reflect the business.

In saying this, we at Search Engine Experts are proud to welcome aboard our new Social Media manager – Em Hall. Em not only possesses all of the above abilities but with her strong developed interest in all things Social Media and an engaging writing style, she makes a great campaign manager. A nominee for the Best Australian Blogs of 2013 and has had success with many sports professionals and celebrities in developing their Social Media strategies, we are lucky to have her as part of our team.

We are excited to have Em on board and also to venture our business through this new avenue of Social Media.