SEO Tips 2 Save you Using Black Hat Techniques

Do you want to succeed on Internet and want your website to stay for long on the search engines? Do you want your website to be rank on top of the search engines? Do you believe in business ethics and want to gain superior business using the correct and ethical method? I am sure the answer to all the above questions is YES, YES, and YES.

You can optimised your website implementing the correct way i.e White Hat method to get the great business, but few applies the incorrect and the unethical method i.e the Black Hat or Spamdexing techniques. Black Hat SEO is all about tricking the search engines and is completely against the terms of services of all the search engines.

There are several Black Hat methods out of which keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, and invisible text are the most common and are implemented by many.

For better SEO results and long term survival in the Search Engines, one must follow the White Hat method.

  • Optimise the commonly searched keywords and search terms, as well as regularly update the site content. With good content, you will be able to get more inbound links from other relevant websites.
  • Spend at least half an hour a day working on your SEO. It’s a meaningful investment for your company site and business.
  • Some investigation on other related sites and resources is also essential. This will help you to choose what works best for your website and helps you improve further.
  • Create a good link structure. This will generate success in trying to get high rankings in Search Engines. While increasing the Network Status for search engine it is also important to have lots of links pointing to your site pages.
  • Set the video and audio sites innovative.
  • Avoid hidden or invisible text, cloaking, and link farms.
  • Add your site into the web directories as crawler-based search engines are likely to find your site and add it to the listing for free.
  • Create back links from other websites to your web page. In the SEO world, the more back links you have, the higher the page-rank of your site will be.
  • Pages that are linked from other search engine need not be submitted, as they are found automatically.

Remember: Sites that practice black hat methods run the risk of being penalized or banned by search engines either temporarily or permanently once the search engines discover what is going on.