SEO Professional

The Role of SEO Professional:

Is to aid the search engine and its ability to index websites and return the relevant results that people desire when they do a search. An SEO professional accomplishes this by determining what the search engines algorithmic variables are. The website is engineered so that it can be crawled and indexed for later retrieval. This is done in a fashion that makes it easier for the search engine to determine what search terms the web page is relevant for. Sounds simple right?

All a person needs to do is figure out the algorithm and essentially, a person can engineer a page to be the most relevant and top returned page for any term searched for. Here’s the catch…

When a person is able to break down this process into one hundred simple, easy to manipulate variables, and given the competitive marketplace, and the obvious advantages that high search engine rankings can supply to a company, it invites abuse otherwise known as search engine spamming. The shady website optimizer is able to manipulate and affect the core virtue of what a search engine company stands for, that being the return of relevant search results.

As those results are manipulated in a malicious manner, it minimizes the usefulness of a search engine and effects the search engine companies bottom line. This is the reason we have seen such a large growth in the usefulness and traffic of Google and such a dramatic drop in the more easily manipulated and often abused search engines.

The reason Google is able to maintain and improve upon its search results relevancy, is that they closely guard their algorithm and PageRank formula along with changing the variables often. This results in a constant state of flux between search engine optimizers and the search engines themselves.

In a perfect world, companies like Google would be able to freely give away the variables in its algorithm and work in harmony with SEO professionals in an effort to bring optimal results to all search engine users. That is simply not reality. There is too much at stake and a top ranking for a given search term can mean the difference between a highly successful company and a complete failure. This is what fuels the corruption and deceptive practices that many spammers employ. This breeds intense competition between the forces of legitimate optimization and those who are bent on deception. Herein lies the challenge of the SEO professional.

The Challenge of an SEO Professional

Is to effectively aid both the search engine and the company whose website they are optimizing for in returning relevant results. Relevant results equal targeted traffic. Targeted traffic, simply put, increases a company’s return on investment. It is incumbent upon the SEO professional to stay abreast of the latest changes in the search engine algorithms.

The Role of the SEO Professional

Is to understand the algorithmic structure in the engineering of a website that is in all practical purposes equal to a company’s competition’s relevancy, and make the client’s website more relevant than the competition’s in the eyes of the search engines. By optimizing for relevant keywords and phrases, this keeps both the search engine and the optimized website owner happy. The search engine maintains relevancy, and the website receives that all important targeted traffic.

Job of SEO Professional

To understand the complex and ever changing relationships between different search providers. The purpose of this is to be able to cast a sufficiently wide net in an effort to capture as much of the webs targeted traffic as possible, and to drive those targeted search engine users to a company’s website.

The Value of an SEO Professional

Lies not only in the initial optimization of a particular website, but in the ongoing maintenance the SEO professional provides. The initial optimization is rather formulaic. The real trick lies in increasing and maintaining relevancy over time and through the constant state of flux forced upon search engines by those who don’t have legitimate search engine optimization at heart.

In conclusion, the utilization of a competent SEO professional is of key importance to a website marketing strategy. SEO professionals deliver targeted traffic over time. There are no legitimate quick fixes when it comes to affordably driving traffic to a company’s website. The only sure fire way to do it is by providing relevancy to both your potential clientele or website visitors as well as the same level or even an increased level of relevancy to the search engines which those potential clients find your website.