SEO Copy writing

“Creating Magic with Words to Improve Your Web Page Rankings”

The mantra of Search engines is quality not quantity and going by this simple formula they give least importance to your web page design. Designers may use all the complex tools to get the design look stunning, create animated pages and embed videos & music but all that matters to search engines is CONTENT. Just imagine a situation, if the worlds most powerful web spider crawls your site and it cannot understand what your site is all about, what will be the fate of your site and in turn your brand / business.

In this new generation of internet marketing, CONTENT is KING because search engine crawlers can understand only words and relevant words. This makes SEO copywriting as the most important aspect of your marketing strategy. Thereby optimizing your SEO copywriting content, using the words appropriately, will produce high rankings in search engines making your visibility higher than your completion.

Keywords are not just words…

Your search engine optimization success lies in your keyword phrases selection. Get them right and your SEO copy writing content will crawl up its page rankings exponentially. There are different proven methodologies to find right keywords for your page. However I shall not discuss them here as it might just divert the focus of SEO copy writing to some else…

All search engines including Google has no human intervention in the keyword ranking process. It is basically a virtual robot (commonly referred to as SPIDER) present everywhere over the web. Though there is no human intervention in ranking process but most importantly your page reader is a human. So it doesnt mean that you can get away with all the spam techniques such as over usage of keywords and being clunky and clumsy in your site. Just imagine you put in lot of efforts to bring in traffic but the visitors dont feel your content / site is interesting, Result, just blowing up your marketing budget.

Keywords are only the start…..

So, our SEO team at search engine experts with over 10 years of combined expertise knows all about keyword density, spamming risks crawl frequency, on page optimization, link building and so on….paramount principles of copywriting that makes us excel. Can your words make your visitors engaged, make them feel wanted, do they pass the message of your service / business, can they create brand for your identity. All this can be done at Search Engine Experts.

We can do copywriting for your existing pages either from scratch or editing the content. The choice is yours..We are flexible. Anyone, serious about venturing into online business presence, cannot afford to miss to ignore the potential of Search Engine Optimization.

We shall start off your SEO process by analysing your site and that your competitors as well. This will give us good competitive intelligence data about the keyword phrases your competitors are targeting, strategies and other useful information…..This will also help us to identify the key phrases your site should use…In this whole process of SEO, we also constantly seek your inputs to gain deeper understanding of your business and refine our process to yield your more ROI.

What We do?

Anyone, serious about a meaningful business presence online, needs Search Engine optimization also referred…

How We do?

We will review your web site and that of your competitors and examine the key phrases applicable for your business.
We will also take inputs from you during this period since no one can know your business better than…