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Search engines are the primary way people search for products and services online. While Google is the world’s top search engine there are thousands of other search engines that perform the same tasks of crawling, indexing and ranking websites according to their popularity and relevance to searchers.

But beware, not all search engines and directories are created equal! There are some that can actually harm and prevent your website from gaining a prominent page position.

Search Engine Experts know which search engines and directories are safe and relevant. Our search engine submission services ensures we manually submit your website URL with the most relevant, trusted, major search engines and directories to ensure your site is correctly listed, indexed and ranked.

If you want top ranking on the search engine pages it’s important to submit your website in a professional manner that adheres to the search engine guidelines. At Search Engine Experts we have the skills and expertise to list your site correctly on search directories so that your website attracts more visitors.

Search Engine Submission

Once we have submitted your website to the search engines that’s it. You will receive a full submission report detailing where your website was successfully submitted.

When your website is listed on the search engine directories it remains on the list. So there is no need for monthly ongoing search engine submissions because the search engines will regularly revisit your site to check for new content.

Your ranking is affected by how much activity your site generates, if no fresh content or links have been added since submission, then your page ranking will remain the same. If on the other hand your have lots of new content and links then this will over time improve your website page ranking.

How long will it take for my site to be included in the search engines?

It depends on the search engine or directory. Some search engines will index a website within a few days while others can take up to a month or longer.

You can check if your site is listed in a search engine directory by typing your URL in the search engine’s search bar.

Call Search Engine Experts today and take the first step to a highly visible online presence with search engine submission.

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