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Looking to partner with a trusted online marketing company in Australia who can help grow your business? At Search Engine Experts, we understand what it takes to generate leads and sales online. First you need traffic, and we don’t mean curious visitors that land on your website and bounce right offagain.We’re talking about targeted visitorswho are actively looking for the type of products and services you offer.

The problem most businesses face is getting that targeted traffic to find your website in the first place. It’s all about ranking on the all-important search engine results page – right where your potential customers can see you.

So, how do you get your website on top of the search results and in front of your customers’ eyes?

The answer is by teaming up with an online marketing agency in Melbourne who has the tools and know-how to get your business seen. With Search Engine Experts’ online marketing services, you get a power-packed combination of search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is a long-term strategy to increase your website’s visibility by ranking high on search engines. As one of the leading online marketing companies in Melbourne, we have the expertise to make your website more search engine friendly through improving and enhancing your content and coding. You’ll be enjoying higherorganic search result rankings for selected keywords in next to no time.

Online Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) is a form of paid advertising that enables you to promote your business in ‘sponsored links’ on Google, Yahoo and Bing. PPC ads are triggered by a search for a particular keyword, and you pay each time the ad is clicked and visitors are taken through to your website. This is a very quick and effective way to feature your website prominently on the search engine results page.

Google has a dominant 75% share of the market,making it a smart investment for paid ads. At Search Engine Experts,we can set up and manage your Google Ads PPC campaign so you can achieve the best ROI for your budget.We’ll guide you through the planning and execution of your online marketing campaign, providing detailed progress reports so you can keep track of performance at every step of the way. Whether you’re looking toturbo charge your online marketing in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, this is a great way to reach visitors from all over the country.

What We Do

We take control of your online marketing, tailoring a strategy just for your business that combines SEO and PPC for the best return on your investment.

How We DoIt

We work closely with you to understand your business before reviewing your website, implementing an effective strategy, and monitoring performance over time to ensure your strategy is working for you.  

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