Role of SEO and SMM in Rank of a Site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are two important techniques for marketing a site. SEO technique is a marketing technique which markets a website in search engines for keywords.

There are 2 types of SEO techniques –

1. Off Page

2. On Page

Most of the people consider off page optimization is more important than on page, but it is not true. Both the activities are equally important to increase the rank of a website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. As long as the search engines are there, SEO will remain in existence.

Search Engine Optimization is a very typical and complex task. It is not easy to describe in detail.

If your site comes up in a search engine for a keyword then it will drive potential customers and visitors to your site.

Social Media Marketing is a medium through which more visitors can be reached by the means of facebook and twitter. If Social Media Marketing is done very properly and perfectly, then your business will grow very well and achieve heights. SMM is very effective in branding your business and provides effective and better results in a less time. 10 followers that are interested in your site are better than hundreds of followers who are not interested.

There are also other online marketing methods are available which boost the rank of a site like PPC campaigns, paid advertising, although it costs money. So SEO and SMM are the best methods to choose as their result last for a long time.