Responsive Web Design + SEO = Succesful Blend

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a new age technique used to develop an easy navigation and easy to read website. It has been designed so you are able to have a mobile presence with your site without changing the URL. RWD allows a server to send the same HTML whilst CSS media queries filter and calculate how a webpage is rendered on a device and adjust accordingly. It is an approach being used to create a simple and easy way to now use websites that gives the viewer the best possible experience. RWD can be implemented and used on a wide range of devices from computers to mobile phones to iPads.

With technology consistently being upgrading and updated, especially those of mobile phones. We have adapted and have become more dependent on their resources, one mainly being the internet. With more people surfing the web on their mobile phones, using RWD on your site will help users be able to view your website without having to re-size, spend lengths of time scrolling and all in all finally become frustrated and leave. Using one universal URL for all devices, it will increase time spent on your site and won’t split traffic. RWD combined with SEO will be beneficial for users, website owners and search engines. The one URL link will make it easier for users to share links, won’t be redirected between pages and assists Google algorithms to index unique URL’s. The blend of RWD and SEO will definitely help generate and encompass more business for any company.