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Repair Your Online Reputation and Save Your Brand Image


We specialize in removing reputation damaging bad reviews, court cases and rip off reports that appear on search engines for everyone to see. Having your name associated with bad reviews, court cases and rip off reports is not only embarrassing but can have detrimental consequences to your reputation and livelihood

We will help you control and manage your online reputation and reclaim your personal or professional image. Potential clients and customers will always look for a reason not to purchase a product or service and finding your name associated with lots of bad reviews, court cases and rip off report sites can be financially disastrous for your business

Reputation management

Whether you have an online business or not, you can be sure that you or your business is mentioned somewhere on the Internet. You may think this is great, free publicity but these days not all publicity is good publicity – especially when negative, false or misleading information is being posted about you online

Worse still, is that you may be completely innocent but are an unfortunate victim of competitor sabotage, personal vendetta, disgruntled ex employees or unhappy customers that are venting their frustrations in a very public way to hurt you.

We will develop a plan to remove bad reviews, court cases and rip off reports and work to restore your reputation.

Our action plan is to:

  • Request the Webmaster to remove the negative information
  • approach is to contact the perpetrator directly and try to resolve the issue
  • we will work towards totally burying the offending post
  • Marketing Tactics to increase Web traffic in to conversion

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