Re-assessing, Re-connecting, Re-vamping

Sometimes social profiles can become neglected and pushed aside because of other priorities. This can generally lead to a loss of momentum on your pages and slowly friends, consumers and other connections start to drift from your profile.

To recreate your online presence add a bit of attention to your page by adding some new friends or networks. This will pop up in current friend’s news feeds and intrigue them to see this growth of popularity. It will also help build more networks. Rifle through past customers, colleagues or even new acquaintances you have encountered and start adding.

Stand back and a take a look at each social network and the value it holds for you and your business. Evaluate the benefits gained from each and which is more suitable for you and your company. Don’t hang on to all of them if you can’t manage your time to maintain and consistently update every single one regularly. It is also a good overview to see if you are building more networks and gaining from these platforms or if you are doubling efforts. If new products have been released or information has been changed, be sure to update this on your profile. Again, a change in your profile will become noticed on the news feed.

Become involved in online discussions and use your online activity to your advantage. Make other users aware of your presence. This will make them want to engage with you and furthermore will attract them to your page.

Once you have culled, re-vamped, and re-connected yourself with the fitting social medium try your hardest to maintain the content posted and the networking purposes. Don’t burn out too soon. Pace your posts and consider the purpose of the social platform and the advantages of having one.