Protect Your Rankings

It is important to maintain your search engine ranking, especially after all the hard work and effort that has been invested into achieving a worthy result. Using top techniques of SEO to earn coveted ranking on search engine results page (SERP) is unfortunately only half the journey. It’s important to keep up these rankings for long periods of time and after devoting time and money into the process you will want to see great results. Three simple steps to help you with retaining your results and position are:

1. Don’t become complacent

Ensure you are still continuously working on achieving top rankings. Don’t settle for a position, when it could always be improved. If you tend to stop building and developing links and customer relations, competitors will pounce in and take over your position. Continue to re-invent your content, develop new consumer rapports and continue to uphold a good online reputation will help you keep and improve your ranking, better your competitors and produce more business for your company.

2. Become a multiple listed website

Multiple results in SERP’s could almost be just as effective for your business as one single ranking in a high position. By holding multiple listings on one page you can optimize additional pages and highlight key aspects of your business within the pages of your websites. This can be done by using the same key word through a range of pages in your site; however this method can be effective dependent on your business and the ratio used between keyword and page. Utilize your content. If your business publishes YouTube videos, audio recordings or has a social media account e.g. Twitter, Facebook, redirecting a handful of your links to these sites would definitely help build your online presence and greatly boost these communication and marketing techniques.

3.  Be on top of the negative SEO

Unfortunately many competitors can inflict negative effects on your SEO ranking. These methods are becoming increasingly more evident as the stakes become higher in the online market. Unfairly you can’t control or avoid these attacks from wrong doers but you are able to monitored them through filtering you back link profile and searching for any suspect links that weren’t created by you. By tracking theses links on you will be able to have them removed. With this clean up, penalties that may have been given from Search Engines will also be removed. If these attacks have been severely damaging to your SEO, you can request to have your results re-instated by filing a reconsideration form with search engine companies. It can be a tiresome task but it is extremely important to be aware of the possible implications that could jeopardize business for your company.