Pros and Cons of Google AdWords

Internet world has changed with today’s world. Google search engine is the best innovation in the internet’s world. Through Google, we can find any information we need to have. It is very helpful in making online businesses grow quickly.

For beginners, Google AdWords is the advertising program through which a business or personal site gets increased traffic to it and increased customers. That business pays some money to Google for the exposure given to the business.

There are some pros and cons of using Google AdWords –


Google is used by about 65% people so you can target a large market by using Google and Google AdWords. Once, your link appears in Google with Google AdWords, then definitely, it is going to get many clicks and traffic which will help your business to get desirable promotion.

Even with a limited budget you can earn maximum profit, if your marketing plan is proper and proper keywords are used along with appropriate landing pages.

Google charges only for clicks received by an advertisement. So a business will have to pay only for clicks. If your ad does not get any clicks, then you do not need to pay money.

With Google AdWords, you can specify the amount of money you can spend every day. It can be the lowest from 1 cent per day to the higher budget $100 per day.


Google AdWords hides the information of your competitor’s performance; it is the policy of Google.

Another drawback is there is limited amount of copy space.