Plus One- Death of SEO’s is the Google’s Master Game Plan

It’s been years now we are talking about this social game and experts usually says Social Media = Death of SEO? We always interpreted that it won’t be the case until “Google” Really decides to do that.

Just the day before on 30th of june an first notification email after a long time striked from Google to my desktop it says “+1 button coming to Google Adwords” and then it clearly explains how smartly Google is entering with a force in the market. Much the same as Facebook’ “like” button to recommend your likes to friend, Google, with its +1 button, simplified it for people to get recommendations in the SERPs from friends and colleagues online in the form of +1s in the SERPs while they are actually searching so they know what their friends have used previously and those who really care will prefer or after sometime spammy people will try and recommend you. We are pretty sure Google being the biggest hunt of the spammers would have definitely measured and took care of it.. Let’s wait and watch.