Plus for Google+

Tech giants, Google entered the social media playing field last year in June when it launched Google+. The New York Times described the release as Google’s attempt to rival the reigning social network Facebook. Google+ offers many of the same qualities like that of Facebook and other social networks but has some different aspects that businesses could find advantageous.

Google+ has become a new platform that big brands are jumping on and creating a hub page for consumers. Reputable and well known companies such as Pepsi, Samsung, Toyota and Burberry have jumped on the bandwagon. This new arena for businesses to market through is being utilized to make up for any loss of success on other social medias.

This new community has also benefited new and small businesses. It gives companies an SEO boost by influencing results by including your business in related circles (groups of connections). In addition, placing a “+1” button on each product page of your profile, it will promote and give “free” advertising of your product when recommending and sharing these pages with friends. The “+1” marker gives the ability to expand and distribute content quicker than gaining ‘Likes’ on facebook and lets you reach a wider audience.

Internally for businesses Google+ has great benefits too. Through the Hangout feature (a live video chat room), employees are able to hold and host conference meetings, interviews and are able to brainstorm and share ideas when peers are in different locations. Each Hangout has a unique URL that each participant must obtain to join the particular conversation. These discussion rooms give businesses the opportunity to converse with clients, business professionals and even to involve guest speakers to discuss certain subjects.

Google + allows you to specifically connect with a certain selection of people. This ability allows you to control directly which circles see your content and also able you to manage your business relations. It enables you to connect with audiences that will promote and market your product and also making sure you connect with the right consumers.

You can also use Google+ to assist you with your other social medias. Use this platform to not directly market your business but to expand your network. Sourcing contacts from business colleagues, experts and potential clients to better your connections, will help you develop a deeper understanding of new trends in the market, be aware of new products and also gain further insight into your consumer’s behavior.

Start joining Circles and connecting at Google+