Plug-ins of WordPress

Everyone is blogging now-a-days, from corporate persons to students. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, BlogSpot are some sites used for blogging. There are many plug-ins and apps to make a blog interactive and attractive for visitors. If your blog gets more readers then it is beneficial to your site.

There are some Plug-in of WordPress –

1. Explanatory Directory – It appears like a pop-up, explaining the meaning of words and phrases in detail. It is a tool tip that is used by a business to provide more information to its users without overwhelming them.

2. Login Page – You can create custom login page and it allows changes in themes, images, colours, CSS etc.

3. Captcha Anti Spam – Rough comments downgrade the quality of a site. Captcha tools work like anti spam tools for a blog. Settings can be made for captcha by admin through admin panel. It helps a lot by providing trackback and pingback features.

4. WPtouch iPhone – Through this theme, WordPress blog can be seen in BlackBerry and iPhones. This plug-in changes the theme of WordPress in iPhone style.

5. WP-Cumulus – It is a custom widget through which a blogger can display the tags, categories, posts like a 3D flash movie. This makes a site look wonderful, and attracts many users or visitors to your site.

Blogs are not just a source of information and news. Choose a suitable WordPress app that provides benefit to your business. All you need to find out a suitable app that may seem beneficial for your business to you.