Placement of a Website in Google

It has become a must for all businessmen to have online presence in the online world so that people may know that they are aware of your business. Achieving high ranking in search engines helps in promoting a website and improving the sales of a website. Everyone wants to improve the ranking of its website so that he or she can earn more profit and sales of their products and services. This need has created SEO companies that provide SEO services at different costs with different packages. Some offer cheap services, while some offer expensive services.

SEO services providing companies help a business in achieving its goal that was being set by the business. Googlebot is software that determines the rank of a website for Google. Googlebot is also called as spider. Googlebot searches the entire internet and then updates the index of Google by adding or updating site lists. How many times a website should be crawled is decided by Google. You can set the frequency of Googlebot by using tools in web master toolbox.

If a website is modified then these updates are recorded in Google through Googlebot.

Googlebot focuses on 3 important things to find a site that are –

  1. Identifying
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking

Googlebot ranks a site on the base of quality, relevance and Google guidelines.

A web page must have strong and quality content without too much stuffing of keywords. Content should be informative, well written and error free. Such websites are set prior by Googlebot.